About The Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association (Brasca)

The Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association (Brasca) is an association of members who cut reed and sedge throughout the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads .

Reed Cutters at work, a reed cutting machine, Cley Mill

Formed in March 2003 to address the decline in reed and sedge cutting/production in the Broads and to lobby for changes, improvements etc in the management of reed and sedge habitats.Brasca continues to promote public awareness of the industry together with the improvement of understanding this sustainable wetland management practice. None of this would have been possible without funding from the Broads Authority administered Sustainable Development Fund and also from the Broads and Rivers Leader+ Programme.

What we do:

Our members are represented at various Broads related meetings, including:

  • the Broads Forum ,
  • British Reed Growers Assoc,
  • and joint meetings with various conservation bodies.

We also work closely with our main customers in the thatching industry by attending seminars and conferences and we provide a contact point for landowners requiring wetland management.

What we are trying to do! :

  • To expand the production particularly of reed to satisfy the UK thatching industry by encouraging more commercial management of existing reed beds.
  • To support the creation of new wetland habitats including reed beds that are designed in part to produce thatching quality reed .
  • To further our truly sustainable management techniques and to promote our low carbon industry which supplies the materials for thatched roofs and fencing panels.
  • To secure additional contract work for our members during the non cutting period ( Autumn).